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Signs Your Keeprite AC Needs A Repair

Did you come home after a long, hot day only to find that your Keeprite A/C isn’t working? Don’t sweat it!

At Ener Comfort, we offer Keeprite air conditioner repairs in Richmond Hill and other surrounding areas 24/7, so you never have to wait long for a repair. Give us a call today and get back to enjoying the summer in optimal comfort. Not sure if you need a repair or not? Keep reading for 4 sure signs that your air conditioner needs a repair.

Signs Your Keeprite AC Needs A Repair

Strange Noises

If you’re noticing odd noises either when the air conditioner starts up, or while the unit is in operation, this is a sign there are issues with the unit. These odd sounds can include buzzing, ticking, rattling, or any other noises that are out of the ordinary. Strange noise is a problem that a trained technician should take care of, as there are a couple of possible reasons for the noises. The most common are a bent fan blade on the outdoor unit or a burned out blower motor on the inside of the unit. Either way, your best bet is to get a professional in who can spot the difference and repair it quickly.


If you notice that there is water leaking around the system, this is often because of two reasons. One reason is because the drain tube is blocked or broken. If this the tube is blocked, all you have to do is unclog it. If the drain tube is broken or has a rip, it needs to be replaced. If you know how to do either of these, it’s an easy fix, but if you don’t- call a technician to do it so you don’t cause more damage.

The other reason is a more serious one; the refrigerant is leaking. If this is your case, you need to get a technician in right away to access the problem, as refrigerant is toxic and can cause some serious health risks if you or your family members come into direct contact with it. If you think that this is your issue, call for a technician to repair it right away.

Utility Bills Are High

A big warning sign that there is an issue with your air conditioner is if your utility bills are becoming more expensive. Your bill shouldn’t have large spikes in operation costs, so if you’re noticing your bill is getting more expensive each month, give a technician a call to take a look.

The most common reasons are issues with the condenser coil or the filter; most often one or the other is dirty and needs a quick clean. A pro technician can spot the issue and fix it quickly, so you don’t have to keep paying extra on your next utility bill.  

Home Isn’t As Comfortable

If some rooms in your home are too hot or too cold, then it is likely your Keeprite A/C isn’t properly circulating air flow. If this is your issue, check the vents in your home to make sure nothing is blocking them and if there is, remove the blockage. If there is no blockage, then the problem is likely with the unit’s filter. Depending on the unit, most replacement filters are relatively inexpensive; call a technician to come in and replace it for an easy fix.  

Does your Keeprite air conditioner need a repair in Richmond Hill? Give the team at Ener Comfort a call at 1-855-997-0448 and book an appointment today. Fill out a form here and get a free quote!

How to Clean Your Goodman Air Conditioner’s Condenser Coils

Have you found that your Goodman air conditioner is not efficiently cooling your home this Summer? Regular maintenance is essential for not only ensuring that your Goodman A/C last for many years, but it ensure to that it works efficiently.


If you notice a decrease in your Goodman air conditioning’s efficiently, a likely culprit are dirty condenser coils. Keep reading for an easy guide to cleaning your unit’s condenser coils. If you find that this doesn’t fix the problem, give the team at Ener Comfort a call. We are industry leaders in installing, repairing and maintaining Goodman air conditioners in Markham, and guarantee we can get your unit back up and running before you can break a sweat.  

What are Condenser Coils and What Do They Do?

Since the condenser coils are located outside, where they can release heat, they are exposed to the elements and can get very dirty. The purpose of your Goodman A/C’s condenser coils is to release the heat that is absorbed by the refrigerant in the evaporator coils outside, so that the home can be readied for the next cooling cycle. Cleaning your Goodman air conditioner’s condenser coils at least once a year not only maximizes the life of the air conditioner, but it also ensures that the unit works optimally as well. This results in using less energy, which means a reduction in your monthly utility bills.

How To Clean Your Condenser Coils

To clean your A/C’s coils, start by turning the unit off via the thermostat, and by switching the power off from the circuit breaker as well. You will also need to turn off the unit’s disconnect box as well, which should be close to the air conditioner outside. Turning off all of these things are important in order to avoid injury. Once everything is safely disconnected, you can start cleaning.

Take a vacuum hose with a wet-dry brush and suck up any dirt, dusty grass, and other debris that has accumulated in your air conditioner’s condenser coils. Once you’re done vacuuming, use a garden hose to spray water through the coils. When the water washing through them is clear the coils are cleaned. You can reconnect the disconnect box and turn the circuit breaker back on. Then reset your thermostat and your air conditioner should go back to cooling your home optimally. Remember, if you are uncomfortable doing this yourself, the team at Ener Comfort will be more than happy to send over a technician for you. We’re only a phone call away!

Does your Goodman air conditioner need further maintenance or servicing? Give Ener Comfort a call at 1-855-997-0448 and get same day service in Markham!

Maintenance Tips to Preserve the Efficiency of Your Central Air Conditioner

It is important to properly maintain your Daikin central air conditioner in order to keep it running efficiently. Proper maintenance can help keep your house feeling nice and cool, all while saving on your monthly energy bills. If you’re looking to install or repair a Daikin air conditioner in Richmond Hill, Ener Comfort is the place to go! In the meantime, here are some suggestions you can follow to keep your A/C in top condition!

Maintain the Filters

Your filters are crucial to the efficiency of your Daikin air conditioner. Make sure to clean and clear out the filters every now and then, as doing so helps enhance the overall efficiency up to 15%. As dirt and debris builds up, the filters will get clogged, making it hard for air to flow through. Try and make it a habit to clean the filters out every few weeks to avoid this.

Replace the Fuses If Necessary

Faulty fuses are a common cause of broken down Daikin air conditioners. It is a wise to have the fuses assessed by a certified technician every three months to see if they’re in need of a replacement, as they may wear out over time. A fuse replacement needs be done by a skilled technician, so make sure to contact a reliable HVAC service company to have them switched out.

Clean the Air Conditioner

As dirt and debris builds on the exterior of the A/C, it reduces the amount of airflow. Cleaning the Daikin air conditioner is simple. First, turn off the power to the unit. If the thin metal mesh on the exterior of the air conditioner (known as the condenser fins) has any leaves, branches or other debris, remove them with your hands. Next, using a soft-bristled brush, gently scrub the fins. Proceed to remove the grill from the top of the unit and clean around the motor. The final step is to simply wipe down the fan blades using a damp cloth.

Set the Proper Temperature

Everyone has different preferences in terms of comfortable temperatures, but for a central A/C unit, keeping the setting at 25°C is the most optimal energy saving option. For every degree that is raised above the ideal temperature while it is on the cooling setting, it can help save up to 10% on your cooling costs.

Adjusting the Fan Setting

There are two fan settings on a Daikin air conditioner thermostat: on and auto. It is optimal to keep the thermostat on the auto setting to avoid keeping the fan on at all times. The auto setting helps conserve energy as it only turns the fan on during the cooling cycles. This adjustment can easily save you up to $25 a month.

It May Be Time For a Replacement

Sometimes, it may be a good idea to invest in a brand new Daikin air conditioner unit altogether if your old model is no longer energy efficient. It may be time for a replacement if your current A/C unit is either over a decade old, needs frequent repairs, is not energy efficient or is increasing your energy bills. Call the experts at Ener Comfort to discuss your options, as well as to find the best Daikin air conditioner in Richmond Hill for your needs and optimal comfort.

Is it time for a new A/C unit? Call into Ener Comfort today at 1 (855) 997-0448 for your next Daikin air conditioner in Richmond Hill!

11 Air Conditioning Tips to Save on Energy this Summer

IModern air conditioning system installed on the ceilingt’s finally getting nice out, so many of you are probably wondering when yous hould be switching off your furnace and turning on your air conditioner. While it’s not yet hot enough to crank on the A/C, it’s never too early to think about conserving energy. 

Your Goodman air conditioner – a handy and comfortable cooling system for your home – can take up a lot of energy, especially if you don’t use it properly.

We’ve listed 11 ways to optimize your Goodman air conditioner for maximum energy efficiency this Spring and Summer. Don’t have a Goodman air conditioner? Don’t worry! These tips will work for any A/C unit.

11 A/C Tips for Energy Efficiency

Only use it when people are home: If no one is home, adjust the temperature of your A/C so that it is using less energy, or turn it off entirely. Try shutting all your blinds and turning your A/C unit to 85 F. The blinds will keep the sun out and keep your home from heating up too much while the A/C is reduced. This will also help your home cool down faster when you turn your A/C back on, as the unit won’t have to work as hard to cool the entire house down.

Turn down at night: You don’t need the air to be as cool when you’re fast asleep. Adjust the temperature on your air conditioner a bit an hour or two before you go to bed so that it will be working less during the hours you’re asleep. This is especially helpful if you live in an area where it cools down significantly at night. In the morning, keep your blinds shut to keep out the heat from the sun until the air conditioner kicks back on.

78 degrees: 78 F is optimal for your air conditioner. It’s cool enough to be comfortable in those hot summer months, but not so cold that your A/C has to work extra to maintain the temperature. Setting your A/C unit any colder won’t cool your home any faster, and it wastes energy

Furniture placement: If you have furniture obstructing any vents in your home, it means that instead of cooling that room, you’re cooling the back of your furniture. You can use plastic pieces for your vents to redirect that cool air, but the easiest way to overcome this is to just move your furniture away from the vents. Redecorating, anyone?  

Lighting: Although it might not seem like much, the lighting in your home plays a big part in the temperature of your house. Keep all lights off during the daytime, and keep the blinds closed in some rooms to keep the sun from heating up the house too much.

Appliances: Take advantage of that barbecue in the summer months! Using appliance that use a lot of heat, such as your oven, stove and dryer, can actually heat up your home. Use them at night when it’s cooled down instead. Where possible, limit the use of other electronics such as your TV or laptop, as they give off heat as well.

Ducts: Make sure that your ducts are clean to ensure good air flow throughout the house. Also, in areas like the attic where the air conditioning doesn’t reach, clean ducts will help keep the air cool.

Use a window or portable units: If it’s not hot enough outside to turn on your air conditioner, then don’t. Instead, open a window or use a portable cooling unit. They use around 50% less energy that your air conditioner will to cool down one space. Save the A/C for the really hot weather.   

Fans: Try using a couple of fans around your house to circulate the cool air. This allows you to keep the A/C at a higher temperature since the fans are helping push the air around the house, so your A/C unit won’t need to work as hard. Plus, they use less energy than the A/C, so they are another good plan B for days when it’s not as hot out. If your home has ceiling fans, take advantage of them. They use less energy than your A/C unit, and less electricity than a plug in fan would.    

Close off your vents: Close off vents on rooms you don’t want to cool, such as your basement. The basement is typically cooler than the rest of the house, and, since cool air falls, you won’t need as much air flow in you basement. By closing the vents you are forcing all the cool air up to upper levels of your home, enhancing your A/C unit.

Service your A/C: Even if it’s just basic maintenance or cleaning that your A/C requires, remember to get it maintenanced every year. This will ensure that its in good condition, and spot any problems before they can get worse. Remember, a small repair is much cheaper than a big one.

If you need your air conditioner installed, maintained, or repaired, give Ener Comfort a call. We have years of experience working on Goodman air conditioners in the Richmond Hill area, both central and ductless, and can help you get yours in its best condition. Book an appointment today and have a more energy efficient A/C this Spring and Summer.

Do you need your Goodman A/C installed or repaired? For an appointment in Richmond Hill call 1-(855) 997-0448 today!

Saving With Keeprite Air Conditioners

Air conditioner

It is April, and in Canada that means you can expect the snow to melt and the temperature to finally rise. With the change of the seasons comes different needs in your household. It is time to boot up your trusty ol’ air conditioning unit. Are you in the market for a new A/C in your Markham home? Keeprite air conditioners offers reliability and quality for many years to come. If you are considering a Keeprite air conditioner in Markham, you might be worried about the up front price of installing a new home comfort unit. We’re here to offer you ways to get the most out of your Keeprite air conditioner cost in Markham. Read more below and see how you can scrimp and save, with Ener Comfort!

Energy Efficiency

With energy efficient air conditioners from Keeprite, you can make sure your new A/C pays for itself. How is this possible? Energy efficient Keeprite A/C’s offer you savings in other very important way: in the form of your monthly utility or energy bill. By being efficient, keeprite air conditioners require less electricity to run; this means your electricity usage will plummet. Your Keeprite air conditioners price in Markham suddenly just got a lot lower!

Easy and Quiet Operation

If you are using an old, outdated A/C in your Markham home, then you know the struggles of broken down and troublesome machines. For example, some machines become finicky and are not easy to adjust (temperature wise). Older machines can also be quite loud and bothersome. Luckily, if you choose Keeprite today, these will be issues of the past. Keeprite air conditioners smooth and easy operation will make finding the right temperature for your indoor home comfort. The quiet operation will let you truly relax in your Markham home.

Why Choose Ener Comfort for Keeprite A/C’s?

Ener Comfort has many years offering and installing Keeprite air conditioners in Markham. Our friendly and professional staff is available to answer any and all enquiries about your next HVAC adventure.

Ready for your Keeprite air conditioner in  Markham? Call a home comfort specialist to learn more today! 1-855-997-0448

How a Daikin Furnace Will Save You Cash

Heating and handIf you have stumbled upon our blog, you must be curious about purchasing a new furnace in Markham. Purchasing large items for your home can be exciting, but many Markham residents worry that a furnace is a big investment that will put an even larger damper on their budget.

Luckily, at Ener Comfort we’ve got the solution for you: a Daikin furnace. Replacing your Daikin furnace will actually save you money in the long run! How is this possible? Find out by reading our blog below!

True Energy Efficiency

Many older furnaces, and even many new models, are not energy efficient. In the simplest of terms, your furnace is likely causing you to overpay in the form of your monthly utility and energy bills. Inefficient furnace models will use much more electricity to provide heating throughout a home.

Daikin furnaces are truly energy efficient, meaning that you can pay less for more! Not only do Daikin furnaces use less energy, but they are much more efficient in the sense that they heat up the home quicker. You can comfortably adjust your indoor air temperature quickly, easily, and without breaking the bank, simply by using a Daikin furnace.

Repair or Replacement?

While for some home products, a repair over a replacement might be more cost efficient. However, many times, it will be more beneficial to replace your furnace with a Daikin brand one over repairing your existing furnace. This is especially true if your existing furnace is quite old; chances are, it may break down again at some point in the near future. If this is the case, you are likely to spend more on repairs over the next few years than on a Daikin replacement.

Also, as previously stated, on top of the repair costs, you are likely paying more than necessary on your utility bills, because of the older furnaces energy inefficiency.

Ready for your new Daikin furnace in Markham? Call a client care specialist at 1-855-997-0448 to learn more!

Home Energy Conservation Program

Get up to $2100 in incentives, with this exciting opportunity from Enbridge Gas Distribution! Enbridge proudly presents the Home Energy Conservation Program.

This program is available in the city of Toronto, York Region, and other select areas of Durham, Peel, Niagara, and Ottawa.

This program will utilize the Natural Resources Canada’s EnerGuide Rating System, and will assess homes on their energy efficiency rating. Qualified homeowners may be eligible for instant rebates of $150. Further incentives are valued at up to $2100!

This exciting program gives you the chance to make your home truly energy efficient, while also providing valuable incentives.

*Limit of one enrolment into the program per house is permitted.

Saving Money with Daikin Furnaces

Resting place by the fireplace in apartment

Now that we are in the cold winter months in Canada, you might be one of the many Canadians considering upgrading their old or broken down furnace. Ener Comfort is here to make the decision easy, while also saving you cash! If your furnace is an older model, it is likely that you are spending more than necessary on your utilities bills and energy costs. How can a Daikin furnace protect you from spending more than you need to on your monthly costs? Find out by reading our blog below.

Daikin Energy Efficient Furnaces

Why choose Daikin as your next furnace brand of choice? Daikin is a highly energy efficient brand that can bring you savings in the form of your monthly energy bills. By working efficiently to use as little energy as possible and, while still producing high home comfort, Daikin furnaces succeed in lowering your energy consumption. This results in savings, every month, for you in your household! Not only is this an advantage for you, it is also kinder on the environment, since Daikins require much less electricity to run in compared to other brands.

Home Energy Conservation Rebate

The Home Energy Conservation Program offered by Enbridge Gas Distribution in the GTA makes many Toronto homes eligible for exciting rebate opportunities. You can utilize the energy efficiency of your new Daikin furnace to qualify for rebates from this program. Instant rebates of $150, as well as other incentives up to $2,100 are available! A new furnace might seem like a costly venture, but if you choose the right furnace, it is possible to actually save more money than if you had not!

Why Choose Ener Comfort for Your Daikin Furnace?

Ener Comfort is your one-stop-shop for all HVAC products and services in Toronto. If you are seeking a new furnace in Markham, take advantage of Ener Comforts satisfaction guarantee and see the difference!

Ready for your new Daikin furnace in Toronto? Call Ener Comfort today at 1-855-997-0448 to learn more!

Finding Trusted Daikin Air Conditioner Repairs in Markham

Air conditioning

If you have found yourself with a broken down Daikin air conditioner, you might be overwhelmed with all your options for repair services. Some air conditioner repair services, however, are not reliable, and might leave you with a worse situation than what you started with. With this helpful blog by Ener Comfort, you can ensure that the company you find and select for your Daikin air conditioner repairs in Markham is the best and most suited for the job. Do not let your valuable HVAC system be damaged by untrained hands; instead, find the best with the help of Ener Comfort.

Does This Company Offer Emergency Repairs?

Even if you do not necessarily need emergency repairs, try to look for a company that offers them (they may also have them listed as “same-day” repairs). Why should you choose a company that offers emergency repairs? The answer is simple. If a given company has to order a replacement part for your repair, which is likely for companies that do not perform emergency repairs, then you will likely have to wait for the order and delivery of that replacement part. A company that takes the effort into having a fully stocked inventory for replacement parts at all times is one you can count on, as they are more likely to be prepared for all situations. Have your Daikin air conditioner repaired in Markham faster by following this simple tip!

Are They a BBB Accredited Business?

Why should you care about a business that is accredited by the BBB? These companies will display a high level of customer satisfaction, much more so than their competitors. These companies are the crème de la crème for HVAC repairs. They are much more likely to do a wonderful job of safely repairing your Daikin air conditioner in Markham. Furthermore, because BBB accredited businesses have higher levels of customer satisfaction, this typically means that they are affordable, as well. Overly and unfairly priced repair businesses will not receive the high praise that BBB accredited businesses achieve.

Still searching for the right Daikin air conditioner repair service? Look no further. Ener Comfort is a leading provider of trusted repairs. Call us today at 1-855-997-0448!


Finding Goodman Furnaces in Markham

Human warming hands up at fireplace. Winter home.

If you’re looking for a Goodman furnace in Markham, you might have stumbled upon Ener Comfort. Ener Comfort is your one stop shop for all home comfort services or products. Why should you get your Goodman furnace in Markham with Ener Comfort? Read our blog below to find out why Ener Comfort is your best option for any and all home comfort services, products, concerns, or questions!

Why Goodman Furnaces?

Goodman is a highly trusted brand of furnaces that promises to bring you ideal temperatures in your home. These cost-effective furnaces are energy efficient and will provide you with optimal home temperatures and comfort for many, many years to come.

Goodman furnaces have multi-speed functions which warm up your home in the most efficient way possible. This enhanced indoor home comfort system, slowly heats up your house, which is more ideal than the conventional way of furance function. With old style furnaces, the heat is started at full blast from the start, which produces a cold air at the beginning. This unpleasant, draft-like cold air is unwanted in a home. The mechanics used in Goodman furnaces eliminates this error, giving you immediate home comfort.

Want to save some cash with your furnace? You’ll be happy to know that Goodman furnaces are extremely energy efficient, letting you use less electricity but still delivering high powered home warning results. Looking for the highest possible savings in the form of your energy bills? Make sure to pick a Goodman furnace that has a high AFUE rating. While all Goodman furnaces are energy efficient, high AFUE rating indicate an even higher level of energy efficiency.

Why Ener Comfort for Your Goodman Furnace?

Only Ener Comfort provides same-day, emergency services! If you are in Markham and want your Goodman furnace today, contact us! We are a BBB accredited business with some of the highest ratings in the industry. Trust only the best today in Markham for your Goodman Service purchase, and see the difference.

If you’re looking for a trusted provider of Goodman furnaces, look no further! Call us today at 1-888-997-0448 for more information!

Finding Daikin Furnaces in Markham

Fireplace warming up happy woman winter home

Finding the perfect model and make of furnace for your and your home can be tough. Daikin is a great option for any and all homeowners! Daikin furnaces help you save money and electricity by being extremely energy efficient. As an added bonus, they are much better for the environment than other branded furnaces! If you are searching for a Daikin furnace for your home in Markham, we’ve got what you’re looking for. To find out what makes Daikin furnaces truly unique, read bellow!

Daikin Furnaces are Energy Efficient

Energy efficient furnaces ultimately benefit everyone involved. First off, energy efficient furnaces require less power to operate than other non-efficient models. This means that you will be using less electricity in your home. What does this mean? This means your hydro or electricity bills will be significantly reduced! Considering how cold the Winters in Canada can get, this is a blessing for all Daikin furnace owners. Secondly, because you are using less electricity, you are being kinder and more gentle on the environment. Your Daikin furnace will be much more “green” than the tradition furnace.

Daikin Offers Warranties on All Their Products

Daikin products, including Daikin furnaces, all come with 12 years parts and labour which is 20% more than the industry standard. Warranties differ by product and model, but we promise you that Daikin warranties are there to maximize your benefits and ensure you are comfortable in your home all winter long.

Why Choose Ener Comfort For Your Daikin Furnace in Markham?

Ener Comfort has been offering their home comfort services the GTA and Markham for many years. Our reliable and friendly staff are always prepared to offer you any home services needed. Your Daikin furnace will be brought to you and installed by a highly trained home comfort professional. With Ener Comfort, you know that your comfort is our number one priority!

Do you think Daikin might be the right brand of furnace for you? Then visit now and see what models we have available!