11 Air Conditioning Tips to Save on Energy this Summer

IModern air conditioning system installed on the ceilingt’s finally getting nice out, so many of you are probably wondering when yous hould be switching off your furnace and turning on your air conditioner. While it’s not yet hot enough to crank on the A/C, it’s never too early to think about conserving energy. 

Your Goodman air conditioner – a handy and comfortable cooling system for your home – can take up a lot of energy, especially if you don’t use it properly.

We’ve listed 11 ways to optimize your Goodman air conditioner for maximum energy efficiency this Spring and Summer. Don’t have a Goodman air conditioner? Don’t worry! These tips will work for any A/C unit.

11 A/C Tips for Energy Efficiency

Only use it when people are home: If no one is home, adjust the temperature of your A/C so that it is using less energy, or turn it off entirely. Try shutting all your blinds and turning your A/C unit to 85 F. The blinds will keep the sun out and keep your home from heating up too much while the A/C is reduced. This will also help your home cool down faster when you turn your A/C back on, as the unit won’t have to work as hard to cool the entire house down.

Turn down at night: You don’t need the air to be as cool when you’re fast asleep. Adjust the temperature on your air conditioner a bit an hour or two before you go to bed so that it will be working less during the hours you’re asleep. This is especially helpful if you live in an area where it cools down significantly at night. In the morning, keep your blinds shut to keep out the heat from the sun until the air conditioner kicks back on.

78 degrees: 78 F is optimal for your air conditioner. It’s cool enough to be comfortable in those hot summer months, but not so cold that your A/C has to work extra to maintain the temperature. Setting your A/C unit any colder won’t cool your home any faster, and it wastes energy

Furniture placement: If you have furniture obstructing any vents in your home, it means that instead of cooling that room, you’re cooling the back of your furniture. You can use plastic pieces for your vents to redirect that cool air, but the easiest way to overcome this is to just move your furniture away from the vents. Redecorating, anyone?  

Lighting: Although it might not seem like much, the lighting in your home plays a big part in the temperature of your house. Keep all lights off during the daytime, and keep the blinds closed in some rooms to keep the sun from heating up the house too much.

Appliances: Take advantage of that barbecue in the summer months! Using appliance that use a lot of heat, such as your oven, stove and dryer, can actually heat up your home. Use them at night when it’s cooled down instead. Where possible, limit the use of other electronics such as your TV or laptop, as they give off heat as well.

Ducts: Make sure that your ducts are clean to ensure good air flow throughout the house. Also, in areas like the attic where the air conditioning doesn’t reach, clean ducts will help keep the air cool.

Use a window or portable units: If it’s not hot enough outside to turn on your air conditioner, then don’t. Instead, open a window or use a portable cooling unit. They use around 50% less energy that your air conditioner will to cool down one space. Save the A/C for the really hot weather.   

Fans: Try using a couple of fans around your house to circulate the cool air. This allows you to keep the A/C at a higher temperature since the fans are helping push the air around the house, so your A/C unit won’t need to work as hard. Plus, they use less energy than the A/C, so they are another good plan B for days when it’s not as hot out. If your home has ceiling fans, take advantage of them. They use less energy than your A/C unit, and less electricity than a plug in fan would.    

Close off your vents: Close off vents on rooms you don’t want to cool, such as your basement. The basement is typically cooler than the rest of the house, and, since cool air falls, you won’t need as much air flow in you basement. By closing the vents you are forcing all the cool air up to upper levels of your home, enhancing your A/C unit.

Service your A/C: Even if it’s just basic maintenance or cleaning that your A/C requires, remember to get it maintenanced every year. This will ensure that its in good condition, and spot any problems before they can get worse. Remember, a small repair is much cheaper than a big one.

If you need your air conditioner installed, maintained, or repaired, give Ener Comfort a call. We have years of experience working on Goodman air conditioners in the Richmond Hill area, both central and ductless, and can help you get yours in its best condition. Book an appointment today and have a more energy efficient A/C this Spring and Summer.

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