Maintenance Tips to Preserve the Efficiency of Your Central Air Conditioner

It is important to properly maintain your Daikin central air conditioner in order to keep it running efficiently. Proper maintenance can help keep your house feeling nice and cool, all while saving on your monthly energy bills. If you’re looking to install or repair a Daikin air conditioner in Richmond Hill, Ener Comfort is the place to go! In the meantime, here are some suggestions you can follow to keep your A/C in top condition!

Maintain the Filters

Your filters are crucial to the efficiency of your Daikin air conditioner. Make sure to clean and clear out the filters every now and then, as doing so helps enhance the overall efficiency up to 15%. As dirt and debris builds up, the filters will get clogged, making it hard for air to flow through. Try and make it a habit to clean the filters out every few weeks to avoid this.

Replace the Fuses If Necessary

Faulty fuses are a common cause of broken down Daikin air conditioners. It is a wise to have the fuses assessed by a certified technician every three months to see if they’re in need of a replacement, as they may wear out over time. A fuse replacement needs be done by a skilled technician, so make sure to contact a reliable HVAC service company to have them switched out.

Clean the Air Conditioner

As dirt and debris builds on the exterior of the A/C, it reduces the amount of airflow. Cleaning the Daikin air conditioner is simple. First, turn off the power to the unit. If the thin metal mesh on the exterior of the air conditioner (known as the condenser fins) has any leaves, branches or other debris, remove them with your hands. Next, using a soft-bristled brush, gently scrub the fins. Proceed to remove the grill from the top of the unit and clean around the motor. The final step is to simply wipe down the fan blades using a damp cloth.

Set the Proper Temperature

Everyone has different preferences in terms of comfortable temperatures, but for a central A/C unit, keeping the setting at 25°C is the most optimal energy saving option. For every degree that is raised above the ideal temperature while it is on the cooling setting, it can help save up to 10% on your cooling costs.

Adjusting the Fan Setting

There are two fan settings on a Daikin air conditioner thermostat: on and auto. It is optimal to keep the thermostat on the auto setting to avoid keeping the fan on at all times. The auto setting helps conserve energy as it only turns the fan on during the cooling cycles. This adjustment can easily save you up to $25 a month.

It May Be Time For a Replacement

Sometimes, it may be a good idea to invest in a brand new Daikin air conditioner unit altogether if your old model is no longer energy efficient. It may be time for a replacement if your current A/C unit is either over a decade old, needs frequent repairs, is not energy efficient or is increasing your energy bills. Call the experts at Ener Comfort to discuss your options, as well as to find the best Daikin air conditioner in Richmond Hill for your needs and optimal comfort.

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