Signs Your Keeprite AC Needs A Repair

Did you come home after a long, hot day only to find that your Keeprite A/C isn’t working? Don’t sweat it!

At Ener Comfort, we offer Keeprite air conditioner repairs in Richmond Hill and other surrounding areas 24/7, so you never have to wait long for a repair. Give us a call today and get back to enjoying the summer in optimal comfort. Not sure if you need a repair or not? Keep reading for 4 sure signs that your air conditioner needs a repair.

Signs Your Keeprite AC Needs A Repair

Strange Noises

If you’re noticing odd noises either when the air conditioner starts up, or while the unit is in operation, this is a sign there are issues with the unit. These odd sounds can include buzzing, ticking, rattling, or any other noises that are out of the ordinary. Strange noise is a problem that a trained technician should take care of, as there are a couple of possible reasons for the noises. The most common are a bent fan blade on the outdoor unit or a burned out blower motor on the inside of the unit. Either way, your best bet is to get a professional in who can spot the difference and repair it quickly.


If you notice that there is water leaking around the system, this is often because of two reasons. One reason is because the drain tube is blocked or broken. If this the tube is blocked, all you have to do is unclog it. If the drain tube is broken or has a rip, it needs to be replaced. If you know how to do either of these, it’s an easy fix, but if you don’t- call a technician to do it so you don’t cause more damage.

The other reason is a more serious one; the refrigerant is leaking. If this is your case, you need to get a technician in right away to access the problem, as refrigerant is toxic and can cause some serious health risks if you or your family members come into direct contact with it. If you think that this is your issue, call for a technician to repair it right away.

Utility Bills Are High

A big warning sign that there is an issue with your air conditioner is if your utility bills are becoming more expensive. Your bill shouldn’t have large spikes in operation costs, so if you’re noticing your bill is getting more expensive each month, give a technician a call to take a look.

The most common reasons are issues with the condenser coil or the filter; most often one or the other is dirty and needs a quick clean. A pro technician can spot the issue and fix it quickly, so you don’t have to keep paying extra on your next utility bill.  

Home Isn’t As Comfortable

If some rooms in your home are too hot or too cold, then it is likely your Keeprite A/C isn’t properly circulating air flow. If this is your issue, check the vents in your home to make sure nothing is blocking them and if there is, remove the blockage. If there is no blockage, then the problem is likely with the unit’s filter. Depending on the unit, most replacement filters are relatively inexpensive; call a technician to come in and replace it for an easy fix.  

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