Saving Money with Daikin Furnaces

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Now that we are in the cold winter months in Canada, you might be one of the many Canadians considering upgrading their old or broken down furnace. Ener Comfort is here to make the decision easy, while also saving you cash! If your furnace is an older model, it is likely that you are spending more than necessary on your utilities bills and energy costs. How can a Daikin furnace protect you from spending more than you need to on your monthly costs? Find out by reading our blog below.

Daikin Energy Efficient Furnaces

Why choose Daikin as your next furnace brand of choice? Daikin is a highly energy efficient brand that can bring you savings in the form of your monthly energy bills. By working efficiently to use as little energy as possible and, while still producing high home comfort, Daikin furnaces succeed in lowering your energy consumption. This results in savings, every month, for you in your household! Not only is this an advantage for you, it is also kinder on the environment, since Daikins require much less electricity to run in compared to other brands.

Home Energy Conservation Rebate

The Home Energy Conservation Program offered by Enbridge Gas Distribution in the GTA makes many Toronto homes eligible for exciting rebate opportunities. You can utilize the energy efficiency of your new Daikin furnace to qualify for rebates from this program. Instant rebates of $150, as well as other incentives up to $2,100 are available! A new furnace might seem like a costly venture, but if you choose the right furnace, it is possible to actually save more money than if you had not!

Why Choose Ener Comfort for Your Daikin Furnace?

Ener Comfort is your one-stop-shop for all HVAC products and services in Toronto. If you are seeking a new furnace in Markham, take advantage of Ener Comforts satisfaction guarantee and see the difference!

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