Giant Power Vent Model

These high performance power vent gas water heaters are specially designed to prevent the ignition of flammable vapors such as aerosol sprays, cleaning solvents, gasoline, paints, paint thinner, and thinner lacquer, outside of the water heater. They vent directly through the roof or an exterior wall, no chimney required. They are available in 40, 50 and 60 US gallon capacities for both natural and propane gas and feature:
   Thick uniform blanket of GREENFOAM® - Water Blown Foam Insulation eco-friendly insulation
   Inner tank lined with blue cobalt glass enriched with zircon
   INTELLI-VENT gas control valve
   Silicon nitride igniter
   Flammable Vapour Sensor
   Adjustable power venter*
   Low NOx burner
   Patented POWER TWIST® baffle*

Automatic temperature control


Roll-around base

   Factory installed di-electric nipples
   Factory installed temperature and pressure-relief valve
   High quality magnesium anode
   Tamper resistant one-piece brass drain valve

* Not applicable to model UG50-65