HVAC Services and Care in Vaughan

Ener Comfort – your one stop shop for HVAC services in Vaughan  and surrounding areas.  At Ener Comfort we care. We pride ourselves on our reliable high-quality services and repairs, and our distinct customer service.

Ener Comfort has been proudly serving the city of Vaughan  for years. We work hard to make sure that you never have to spend a moment in discomfort. We only hire professionally trained and insured HVAC repair technicians, giving you peace of mind that your service will be done by only the very best. Whether it be your air conditioner or your furnace that needs servicing, Ener Comfort cares and is only a phone call away.  Plus, we offer 24 Hour & Emergency HVAC services for your convenience – you never have to wait for the next business day to get service.

Brands We Service

We are certified to install, service and repair the following A/C and furnace brands:

  • Goodman
  • Keeprite
  • Daikin

Why Choose Ener Comfort?

Are you looking for a company that has experienced and licensed technicians? If yes, look no further than Ener Comfort.  At Ener Comfort  we care about your comfort, and make sure that when you hire us you’re getting the best service. All of our technicians are certified, trained and insured to work on all models of air conditioners and furnaces. We also offer services everyday of the year, even holidays!. If your HVAC system ever fails you, our team is just a phone call away!

At Ener Comfort, we provide you with free, no obligation quotes and estimates on all of our repairs and services. No matter what product or service you are in need for, we guarantee the best and most affordable prices in Vaughan. When you choose Ener Comfort for your HVAC installation, we dispose of your old system for your free of charge!

Furnaces Services

We  all harsh Canadian winters too well. When you choose Ener Comfort, you can rest assured that your new furnace will work to keep your home warm and comfortable during even the most frigid weather. Also, at Ener Comfort we’ll repair, install and provide regular maintenance on your furnace any time. If for any reason your furnace breaks down, we have technicians waiting for your call 24/7. Whether you have a Goodman, a Keeprite, or a Daikin furnace, Ener Comfort is here to make sure they are always working optimally.

Air Conditioners Services

Is your air conditioning unit not working it best? Or not at all?  At Ener Comfort, we offer maintenance plans for air conditioning units that allow you to pay one low price monthly for A/C maintenance and avoid unexpected expensive repairs. We also offer installations and repair services  for all A/C units(or brands) at competitive prices. Whether your A/C system is a Goodman, a Keeprite, or a Daikin, our team of certified professionals are here to help you when you needs us. Don’t spend a moment dealing with unbearable heat and humidity.

We Care About Your HVAC Needs

Ener Comfort is here to fulfill all of your HVAC needs.Whether you’re looking to get an HVAC product installed, serviced, or repaired, we’re here to help. We are a fully licensed and insured HVAC  servicer, installer, and provider. Don’t hesitate to give us a call today.  

Upgrade to Energy Efficient Products

Is your A/C or furnace aging and becoming less effective? Upgrade to a new, more energy efficient model today. When your HVAC products use less energy, it means your whole house uses less energy, which will result in lower utility bills. Make your home environmentally friendly, as well as wallet-friendly. Give Ener Comfort a call today at 1-855-997-0448 and talk to our experienced staff about your options, plus get a free quote!

Same-day & 24-Hour Emergency Services

Did your furnace or air conditioner unit break down suddenly?  Take advantage of our emergency repair program.Our services in Vaughan  include HVAC installation, insulation, repair and maintenance. Our team is waiting to hear from you 24/7, even on weekends and holidays!

Let us optimize your home’s comfort. If you’re looking to upgrade your cooling or heating system call Ener Comfort at 1-855-997-0448 today. We offer affordable prices in Vaughan!