Daikin Furnace

Daikin furnaces have been regarded as the top furnace brand for their high energy efficiency. Daikin furnaces help save you money by using less energy than your standard furnace. Call Ener Comfort today at 1-855-997-0448 for enquires!

Daikin was established in 1924 in Japan and has gone no where but up. Daikin provides residential homes with high quality comfort products such as heating and air conditioning. Daikin warranties are one of the best in the industry, offering more coverage than most other furnace brands. Their high quality build makes Daikin furnaces as a fast favorite amongst consumers, and provides home comfort for many years to come. Ener Comfort proudly offers many models of Daikin furnaces for your home.

Daikin Furnaces

Why choose Daikin? Daikin furnaces provide many benefits in comparison to other sub-par furnace brands. Some benefits include:

  • High efficiency gas furnaces
  • Tubular heat exchanger with primary and secondary stainless steel.
  • Economical heating option
  • Up to 98% AFUE- Concerts up to 98 cents of every dollar spent on energy into indoor comfort
  • Some models include a self-diagnostic control board.

Daikin Furnace Warranty

Daikin furnaces come with a lifetime warranty that is sure to help you out in case of any bumps in the road. This warranty includes a 12 year warranty for parts and labour. The industry standard is much lower than this, and Daikin is proudly 20% higher in warranty terms than the average furnace brand.

Daikin Structure and Build

Each and every Daikin made is specially engineered with a truly unique heat exchanger. This heat exchanger is tubular and offers primary and secondary stainless steel material. It comes with lifetime warranty and up to 12 years units replacement*.

Why Choose Ener Comfort for your Daikin Furnace?

Ener Comfort has been servicing the GTA for their home comfort needs for many years. Our professional and friendly staff are prepared to offer you any home services necessary. Your Daikin furnace will be brought to you and installed by a highly trained home comfort professional. With Ener Comfort, you know that your comfort is our number one priority.

Are you interested in a Daikin furnace for your home? Trust only Ener Comfort for your home heating and cooling needs. Contact us at 1-855-997-0448 today with any questions or enquiries!